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​Happy New Year everyone! As part of our mission to continually develop Peak City Radio, we are trying out loads and loads of new ideas, and I thought one of the easiest to get up and running is a regular journal. Stay tuned for the latest news, gossip and banter from PCR HQ. Let us know your thoughts and feedback too :-)

For us 2020 turned out to be a good year, indeed in some ways it was our most successful to date. Certainly the need for a 24-7 continuous stream of music on tap was never greater, and the mainstays of the station such as 13x, Justin Nicholas, Ayako Yamoko and JJ Lacey kept the DJ sets coming thick and fast!

The year ended with the digital release of the first "official" Adam & The M62s single "S - O - S", based on the very obscure "Dot Dot Dot" by the one and only B.A. Robertson (something of a cult figure around this parish!).

​A year after its digital release, December also saw the physical release of "The Manchester Dubs" on limited edition vinyl. It felt emotional and nicely rewarding traipsing around charity shops between Manchester and Leeds, reuniting these records with the very locations that inspired them. Who knows who will stumble across one of these LPs, and what on earth will they make of the music therein?!

I've started work on a number of new songs for the upcoming Adam & The M62s album, provisionally titled "In Space", which I'm aiming to have complete by the end of 2021. On Christmas Eve I recorded a totally spontaneous cover of MGMT's "Kids", which is now a contender for inclusion as one of the album tracks.

Stylistically, the concept behind "In Space" is that the fictional "power pop" band Adam & The M62s, having been rooted very much in the area between Manchester and Leeds, now find themselves floating in space; their raw, retro mod/soul sound given a full state-of-the-art, futuristic, shiny studio treatment. I'm working on the music, lyrics and meta-narrative as we speak!

More to the point, in order to bring my production chops to the top of their game for this project, I've decided to learn a trick or two from one of the current leaders in the field: I've enrolled on an electronic music course taught by hitmaker extraordinaire Kygo.

Having kept myself busy during the first lockdown of 2020 knocking out review podcasts of every single Now That's What I Call Music album, I recorded a pilot podcast with 13x, which turned into an extremely enjoyable, free-flowing confab! Hopefully we will upload more and more of these as the year progresses.

Finally for this first round-up of 2021, shoutouts to 13x, Ayako & Neil Young for the first three new sets of the year. Hear them now @ Peak On Demand!

​Catch ya next time!


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